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A Surlier Web-Site

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

We have a new web-site. We have been working on it for awhile (which is why there have not been lots of posts on the old site). We have been debugging for abit, but I’m sure there will be some problems that you will let us know about. My boys at Bidwell ID have been helping with me on the new site. Nice work Todd & Alex. A few new things…

• we have an official Facebook page. This will probably be the best spot to stay current on what Surly is up to. Check out the blue “f” above the blog.
• upload photos and where you drank a Surly on the Travel Log page
• new crew videos
• more info about our beers
• ability to find Surly Bars & Liquor Stores on maps
• more Surly Swag on our new Gear page

Most importantly, we have been working on the softer side of Surly, “Surly Gives a Damn”. On this page, groups will be able to request beer for charity events and we will begin our drafting of the Surly Volunteer Army. We will have community volunteer events in which we will ask for people to spend some of their free time to do some good for the community. Its hard work to do some good, so after the effort, we’ll get together and drink some Surly.

Also, announcing the 3rd annual Surly photo contest. Upload a photo and story on out new Travel Log page along with a story. It should be somewhat Surly related. Winner will be announced at the four release on February 23rd. Winner gets some Darkness and junk. Prizes for top 3 entries.

Check out the web-site, hope you enjoy it.
See you drinking,

Surly Four

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Surly four release party at The Blue Nile on February 23rd!