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More Darkness Info

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Week of October 26th – Darkness kegs get delivered & tapped at various Twin Cities Bars
Week of November 2nd – Darkness bottles get delivered to various liquor stores in the Twin Cities

Because delivery dates are so varied to liquor stores, we are not going to post a list of stores that are getting the beer delivered.

Darkness Day Bands

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

We have lined up the following bands for your listening pleasure. Remember, even if you don’t get a wristband to by bottles of Darkness, you still can hang out, drink beer and listen to the bands.
god came from space
the rockford mules

Darkness 2009 – Release Parties

Friday, October 16th, 2009

October 26th – Hell’s Kitchen – Minneapolis – 7:00 tapping
November 4th – Sheffields – Chicago – 7:00 tapping
November 9th – Gunflint Tavern – Grand Marais – 7:00 tapping
November 17th – Monk’s – Sioux Falls – 7:00 tapping

Surly AHA Rally

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Thanks for recording this Chip.

We finally had the American Homebrewers Rally last Saturday. What a day. Surly’s Head Brewer Todd Haug started the brewing on Friday. We got a few hours sleep that night and got back to the brewery early to start the second batch. We got such a overwhelming response to the “Wort Rally”, that we had to brew a double – 60 bbls. Folks showed up early and started to line up with their carboys, pails and kegs. Todd, Jerrod, Callaway and Beaner worked hard to get everything set up for the carboy filling. Speaking of filling, things got pretty filled up at the brewery, I think we had over 300 attendees. The biggest AHA Rally by over 100!
The boys got the carboys filling and attendees got to drink some Surly and catch up with old friends. A number of people I spoke with were pretty excited for next year’s AHA Convention in Minneapolis. You can count on Surly to be a part of the conference.
Thanks to
-Todd, Cal, Jerrod and Beaner for their work
-All the volunteers for pouring the beer and keeping things running
-Kathryn Porter, Gary Glass, Chris Pryor and the local homebrewing volunteers that helped run the event
-Northern Brewer for donating free yeast and helping with those commemorative pints
-Kelly Kuehl and Mid Country Brewing Supplies for donating all the malt!

Here is a photo of some of the carboys.

Some folks wanted the recepie so they could brew it at home. Here it is.
Surly / AHA Rally Beer Recipe
82% Canada Malting Pale Ale Malt
10.8% Fawcett Brown Malt
3.6% Dark Candi Syrup
1.8% Fawcett Crystal 85L
1.8% Fawcett Dark Crystal 120L
Bittering –Columbus
Whirlpool/aroma -Willamette
OG 19.5
IBU 64

Surly Iphone

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Feeling Surly? Here’s the quickest way to get Surly.

Using the existing software on your iPhone or iPod Touch, Get Surly helps you find the closest bar or liquor store serving or selling Surly beer. Information includes location name, address, phone number, website, and single-touch directions.

Whether you’re looking to fill your glass from a can or a keg, don’t get angry, get Surly!

Check it out on the iTunes app store!

Go to your Itunes program and search for “Get Surly”, install enjoy and drink!

Surly Emmy

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Holy Crap! We won an Emmy!
The great piece that Kare 11 did on Surly Brewing a few months ago won an Emmy. Click below to see the award-winning video. Boyd Huppert and Jonathan Malat came out to the brewery today and gave us their Emmy! Surly, an Emmy winning brewery.

Darkness 2009

Friday, October 9th, 2009

The possibility of Darkness Day 2009 looked pretty grim this year. As of Jan 1 this year, we were no longer able to sell growlers/750s at the brewery and it did not look like any changes were going to happen on the legislative front. I was about to pull the plug on Darkness Day but figured I should make one last call. So I called Tom, Brooklyn Center Liquor store manager about the possibility of them becoming involved in selling of Darkness bottles on D-Day. Much to my surprise, Tom was pretty excited and said he thought he could make it work. A little background – we are located in Brooklyn Center. The city owns and runs the 2 liquor stores in this city. The only way this whole thing would work, is if the city would get on board, and they did. It seemed that Darkness Day would be saved! Of course, with the City involved, they would have to make their margin for their work. The beer will sell for $18 on D-Day, but we will be getting about $3 less a bottle then last year.
Darkness Day has become what it is from a combination of goofy MN beer laws and the insatiable demand for the beer. 3 years ago when Todd and I heard that people were buying glasses of Darkness at a bar, pouring it into a bottle, capping it, and the trading/sharing it with friends, we figured we better find a way to package and sell this beer. We wanted to have a party for the folks that came out and make a fun event of the selling of Darkness. We are able to continue that event this year on October 24th.
We decided to brew a bit more Darkness this year. That additional liquid would find its way into more bottles, about 2500 more bottles. When Mary (our event coordinator) and I sat down a few weeks ago to figure out how D-Day was gonna run, I realized that we had too much beer to sell. Trying to get all the people through the building in 6 hours was simply too difficult. I did not want people to wait all day and find out they would not get any after waiting 10 hours, so we went back to the old wristband idea of last year (you get a wristband and you are guaranteed 6 bottles). As we figured out how to make this work, I realized that we have enough beer to sell at the event and to local liquor stores. So that’s the plan. 5000 bottles here at the brewery like last year and 2500+ bottles to local liquor stores. Hopefully everyone that wants a bottle will be able to get one.
-Darkness Day is October 24th.
-Gates open at noon
-the first 800 people will get wristbands. The wristbands guarantee that you will be able to purchase a maximum of 6 bottles of Darkness. You will not have to wait in line once on the premises. You can walk around, drink a beer, check out the bands, whatever. But you will need to purchase your bottles by 6:00!
-$18/bottle. CASH ONLY!
-There are no tickets needed or cost to get in the event. Rain or shine or snow or cold.
-We will not ship Darkness nor will we hold any spots/beer for people. It is a 1st come, 1st served event.
-Extra bottles of Darkness not sold on the 24th. They will be sold on October 26th at the Brooklyn Center Liquor Store.
-2500+bottles of Darkness will be sold to liquor stores starting November 2nd.
-Bands will be playing. Food & beer will be available for purchase.

I will post more info as the event gets closer and I figure out what the hell is going on. Thanks again to Tom at the Brooklyn Center Liquor Stores and the City Council of BC for helping us make this happen. See you on the 24th and hope for warmer weather!

Surly Wet

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Surly Wet is being released at Roat Osha this Wednesday evening. Roat Osha is located at 2650 Hennepin Ave. Wet is Surly’s newest beer, a West-coast style IPA brewed with over 25 pounds of hops per barrel. The hops were picked off the vine in Washington and we brewed with them 3 days later. The hops are evident in this beer, in the beginning, the middle and the end!