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Surly Tanks and Tours and 4-Years Later

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Todd and I just returned from San Diego, where we attended the Craft Brewers Conference. The trip out there was cool as it is where Todd and I met 4 years ago. At this conference in 2004 I was amazed at the huge varieties of beers being produced and was lucky enough to check out some breweries in the area. Our first night at the conference this year was at Stone Brewing, north of San Diego. It is incredible what they have accomplished and others in the craft brewing world in these last 4 years. Craft beer is still a small part of the beer scene, but it where all the fun is at. Rich Doyle of Harpoon gave the keynote speech and his line was that “America is the best place in the world to drink beer.” I agree. An amazing variety of beers is being brewed at American Craft breweries and that will continue. Todd and I even came up with a few new ideas for draft specialties on the cab ride home. Yum.
The tour page is up and running! Tours are now Friday afternoon 6-8. You do need a reservation! The only place to get one is on-line.
Our new tanks arrived last week, right before Todd and I flew out. we managed to get 3 tanks in the building and the other three will be in toworrow. All this means more beer!

Surly News

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Goodness, we have been busy. Let me try and catch you up on a few things.
We got some new kegs in! That’s right, we were able to steal a truckload of kegs from a brewery that is called Surly, so all the kegs have our name on them. No no no, I’m kidding, it’s not April Fools Day, we actually had someone make them for us.
Our new tanks show up next week! 6 new tanks that will be put into use ASAP. You can see all these new tanks when the tours start, sometime in May. But hold on now, the tours are going to run a little differently from now on. Tours will be Friday evenings and you will need a reservation. How do you get a reservation? Good question, we will have an internet sign-up that folks will be able to reserve 4 spots on. It’s not live yet, so don’t bother calling and emailing. We should have something up and running next week. One other thing, tours will be limited to about 75 people and you will need a reservation, you can’t just show up! Hopefully the smaller tour sizes will allow people to actually ask some questions in a little more intimate setting.
To help us fill our new tanks, we have hired Surly #6 – Jerrod Johnson. He has been brewing out in Portland, OR and is returning to his Midwest roots. When you see him around make sure you say hi.
What else…
Bitter Brewer will be canned this year! The cans are in the works and they will be in the liquor stores sometime this month. I hope. Obviously, since it will be canned, it’s gonna be in kegs. Madcappers bar in Stillwater will be kicking off the Bitter Brewer season on April 14th.

This is an April Fools Day Joke. Budweiser to begin distributing Surly Brewing Beer!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Omar Ansari and Augie Busch 9th, are pleased to announce that Surly Brewing Company will now have its beer distributed nation-wide by AB. “It’s a great opportunity for Surly to leverage the vaunted AB distributiuon network and get our beer across the country. We’re really really excited not to have enough beer not only for our own market, but markets all over the country!” says a amped up Ansari. St. Louis based AB will be purchasing a majority share of Surly Brewing Company but has no plans to make any changes. “We plan to stay pretty hands-off” says Augie the 9th. “We will only tell Surly what to brew and how to brew it. The cross-mojination potential is great for AB, we look forward to using Surly’s great hype machine and gettting fanboys across the country buzzing about AB!”
In related news, Surly Brewing Company announces plans to can Bitter Brewer.