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The floors are done!

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Check out the photos of the newly completed brewery floors.

Surly Two

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Surly Two will be released in a couple weeks to local bars. We have been slammed here at the brewery with the new construction project. The release of two at the Blue Nile was a sneak peek. We will post here when the beer hits the streets to local bars.
Oh yeah, we filled about 400 750s of two.

Dinner sold out!

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

SOLD OUT – 2nd Anniversary Dinner – SOLD OUT

Check out the latest Surly construcion on the pictures page. We will try and keep it updated over the next few weeks. What are we doing you ask?
Cutting and removing 3000 square feet of floors. The area where the canning line was.
After that, put in 100′ of trench drain and pour new concrete floors.
Then install the 6 new tanks we are waiting on.
Wish us luck!

2nd Anniversary Dinner

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Monday, February 11 2008 Café Twenty Eight will host the Surly Brewing Company Anniversary Dinner. The evening will include six courses from Chef Tatum Barile paired with very limited & special releases from Surly Brewing Company. Tickets are $75.00 (including tax and tip) per person. Please call Café Twenty Eight for reservations at 612-926-2800

Aperitif ~ Surly Mild
1st Course – Surly sausage with sweet onion custard -Smoke
2nd Course – Black eye pea soup with Fischer farm bacon and crčme fraiche – Oak Aged Bender
3rd Course – Flat iron steak with potato nest, arugula and blue cheese – Two
4th Course – Warm salad of winter greens, roasted mushrooms and pimenton vinaigrette – Bourbon One
5th Course – Cheese plate – Barrel Aged 2006 Darkness
6th Course – Chocolate cake with Smoke ice cream and pretzel brittle – Coffee Bender

two debut

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Wendsday – January 23rd – debut of two at Acadia Cafe. They also stashed a 1/4 bbl of 2006 Darkness that will be poured on the 23rd. This will be a sneak peek of the new Acadia Cafe, located at the corner of Cedar and Riverside. They will have a limited menu next week for the beer tasting.
The beer will be tapped at 6:00.


Thursday, January 17th, 2008

The weiner of this year’s Surly Photo contest. Mike’s dog gets a bottle of Darkness and a Surly Jacket. Ja!

2007, the beer year in Review

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Time to sit down to pound out 2007, “The Beer Year in Review”. I’m not sure if anyone reads this stuff, or really cares, but it seems like a good end/start to the year. At least one point during the year to reflect on what has happened and what is coming. While nothing we do will ever be as exciting as our inaugural year of 2006, things in 2007 were far more exciting than I could have expected.
I looked through some of the posts and pictures to remind myself of the big events for the year, how, there was a great amount of recognition and publicity that we got at the brewery. It is surprising how matter of fact some of the recognition has become at the brewery. It’s not something we strive for, so you can’t pin all your aspirations on getting the publicity. We got mentioned in Gourmet magazine as the best beer in a can, #1 brewery in America from Beeradvocate magazine (twice), City Pages artist of the year, numerous mentions in Metro magazine, StarTribune, City Pages and Minneapolis St. Paul magazine. There got to be such an overwhelming media coverage that one local mag declared as things they don’t get. Perhaps the highlight of the year for me was a brief mention of Surly in the Wall Street Journal. A fun year no doubt.
Other highlights were getting a couple medals at the Festival of Barrel Aged Beers in Chicago and getting a gold medal at the Great American Beer Fest for Coffee Bender. It was the first time we entered beers into either competition.
We added to the Surly Team, #5 started at Surly this year. Callaway joined us to help out in the brewhouse. Coming up from Texas during a big April snowstorm did not scare him off, and he has managed to escape the impound lot during these snowy times.
Callaway was not the only addition; we added 3 60 bbl fermentors, 1 60 bbl brite and 2 30 bbl brites. Amazingly, we got them installed and running last spring. It seems so long ago. The addition of those new tanks allowed us to introduce 2 new canned beers this year, CynicAle and SurlyFest. The tank space also allowed us to double up the amount of Darkness we brewed.
Speaking of Darkness… the fact that it has become one of the highest rated beers on and has created a crazy demand for the beer. We were determined to sell more of the beer in growlers this year, but a change got made at the legislature to allow us to package the beer in 750 ml bottles. We moved as fast as we possible, but the beer still could not be sold until the coldest day of the year. We spent about 3 weeks getting everything ready for that event and I think it showed. Lots of volunteers and friends helped pull off a great day at the brewery. I hope we can do more events like that one.
Speaking of events, I decided to temporarily pull the plug on tours. Our last tour in October had over 500 people and it is becoming overwhelming for staff and the facility. We will revisit how we do tours in the spring after our Phase III is complete.
What is Phase III you ask, good question. We are cutting out 3000 sq. feet of floors at the brewery. We will then drain and slope those floors. Once the floors get done, we will add 6 more fermentation / brite tanks. The scary thing is that the additional tanks will allow us to keep up with seasonal demand, not necessarily add that many more accounts.
We went to Chicago in 2007! We decided to add a few draft accounts in Chicago. The Surly team went down to Chicago to kick things off and no one died, ergo things went great.
The 1st Annual Surly Golf Tournament, (leave your balls at home), was a blast. Hopefully Jim and I might be able to play next year. We’ll also be sure that the morning folks get Coffee Bender. Look for the event to happen this year again, hopefully sometime earlier in the summer.
Before looking forward, I have to mention the state of affairs for beer raw materials. A perfect storm of events has driven hop and barley prices through the roof. I just saw a term for it in Time magazine today – agflation. I was shocked when I saw our projected hop prices for 2008. Our hop prices for 2009 and beyond are double the 2008 prices! But we are fortunate that we have been able to secure all the hops we need. Many breweries will have to reformulate their brands and change their beers. You know that we won’t be changing any of our recepies to save a few cents on hops or barley. We are committed as always to making beers that do not compromise.
So what is in store for 2008 at Surly? Surly Mild and two come out soon. I’m sure Todd will try to squeeze in a few more special brews in during the year. Getting those new tanks installed will be a fun challenge. The brewery will look quite different next tour! We hope to put some more beers in 750 ml bottles. Unless the law changes, this will be the last year we get to sell growlers and 750’s at the brewery. What else is in store for 2008, higher beer prices – sorry bout that folks.
See you drinking,

d-day videos

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Here are a couple of videos of the Darkness release. Brought to us by the same guys that brought the Dancing Surly ad. (don’t hold it against them)


New Year’s News

Friday, January 4th, 2008

The holidays are over, time to get back to what’s important, beer!

A few upcoming itmes:

January 16th – debut of Surly Mild Ale at Happy Gnome

January 23rd – debut of Surly two at the new Acadia Cafe, also on tap, 2006 Darkness!

January 30th – Coffee Bender tapping at Common Roots Cafe

Darkness for sale on ebay. All proceeds to go to Energy Cents, a local non-profit helping people keep their heat on.
3 bottles have been sold, 3 more to go!

Single Bottle-#536
Single Bottle-#558
Single Bottle-#556