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Surly Photo Contest

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

There is still time to submit your favorite Surly photo of the year. The winner will be chosen right after the New Year. Winner receives a Surly Prize Pack that includes a bottle of Darkness and a Surly Jacket! What makes a winning photo you ask, good question. A combination of Surly, composition and originality. Compromising photos of Todd also have a great shot at winning. Photos that have already been submitted this year will be in the running. Send ‘em to

Holiday Hours

Monday, December 17th, 2007

The Surly gift shop will be open Wednesday, December 19th from 2:00-7:00. Stop by to pick up something for the Surly person in your life. Merch only – no beer for sale.

D-day – The Recap

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Thanks to all for making D-Day a blast. The beer was flowing, the band rocked and folks got their Darkness. Now, life will get back to normal at the brewery… brewing beer, delivering beer and cutting out the floors for the new tanks.
Oh yeah, there is no Darkness in bars, gonna have to wait until next Halloween.
I’m sure we will have a load of photos and video to put up. Here is the latest from wcco.

Darkness for sale on ebay. All proceeds to go to Energy Cents, a local non-profit helping people keep their heat on.
Six bottles will be for sale. Some with Darkness posters and some with Darkness Goblets.

Single Bottle-#563
Single Bottle-#573


Saturday, December 15th, 2007

12:49 – Sold Out
10:46 Not sold out yet.

D-Day – the Latest

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

D-Day (Darkness Day) commeth! This Saturday, December 15th. Since people have promised insanity, we present the following ground rules.

Surly will open the gates to the brewery at 9:00 A.M. At that point we will start checking IDs. Individuals can not “hold” places in line for others, and we will not save bottles for people. 480 bottles will be available, thus after 240 people have qued up, will we let people know that we are sold out. As soon as we know, we will change the message our phone message and this web-site.

There will be access to a restroom before 9am. We will start selling Darkness 750’s at 2:00PM. 2 bottles max per person, $15 each (plus tax). To help speed things along, we are taking CASH ONLY. The total will be $33 for 2 bottles, including tax.

If you have more than $33 burning a hole in your pocket, good news! We will have warm food available for purchase at the brewery. Uncle Frankies will be selling Hot Dogs during the day. We will also be selling growlers and merch from our regular hours of noon-2:00. Individuals waiting for Darkness will be able to purchase merchandise and growlers of Bender and Furious during that time – you won’t lose your place in line. If we are sold out of Darkness, you can still come on in and purchase growlers of Bender and Furious to get a Surly fix.

The Darkness sale will happen at a different location in the brewery than normal, so we can keep things moving quickly.

And for those who just can’t join us, there will be 6 individual bottles of Darkness sold on Ebay to raise money for EnergyCents, a Minnesota non-profit group that works to keep the lights and power on for folks that are having trouble with their utility bills. There will be a link on this page when the sale starts, December 16th.

Being that it is a Surly event, there are some surprises, and it should be fun for everybody.

One more thing… numerous people have asked when they should show up to guarantee that they get Darkness. We’ll soon be able to tell you when to get there in 2008, but 2007’s start time is anyone’s guess…