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Surly in WSJ

Friday, November 30th, 2007

And you thought Westy 12 was hard to get! Surly Darkness just got a mention in the Wall Street Journal, very cool. We have been getting a number of calls and emails about the availability of Darkness, so let me give folks a short introduction to the Darkness.
First off, Darkness is not available in bottles or cans at any liquor store, anywhere.
We brewed 15 bbl (30 kegs) of this Russian Imperial Stout last year. To our surprise, it quickly shot up the rankings of both, and, . It became one of the highest rated beers in the world according to these sites. Last year, we sold about 2 kegs of the beer in growlers (64 ounce glass containers), only at the brewery.
This year, we doubled the production to 30 bbls (60 kegs). It takes 5-6 months for this beer to be made, that’s why there is so little of it. A few more people got the beer in bars and we even sent some to Chicago. At this point, there is practically none of the beer left in bars. We do have some beer left to sell from the brewery. We will be selling 480 – 750 millileter bottles from the brewery on December 15th. People can buy 2 bottles of Darkness. Bottles are $15.00 each. We will start selling Darkness bottles at 2:00 pm. We can not ship this beer to anyone per MN State Law. Also, we will not save any beer or a place in line for people.
We will be selling 6 bottles of Darkness on ebay and donating all proceeds to charity. The 6 bottles will be sold in individual units, so there will be 6 opportunities to purchase. I believe the ebay sale will start December 16th and run for a couple days. We will have a link up when it happens.
We will be selling growlers of Bender and Furious on December 15th from noon – 2:00. Individuals that are waiting for Darkness will be able to purchase Growlers without losing their place in line. More info about the day will be posted as we figure it out.

Darkness in 750s!

Monday, November 19th, 2007

You have all been asking for awhile, so here is the news.
On December 15th, we will be selling 750 milliliter bottles of Darkness at the brewery. We will start selling the bottles at 2:00. Individuals can purchase up to 2 bottles of Darkness. We are working out many of the details at this time and plans are not yet finalized. Check back to this site for updates. They will be posted as soon as we have them determined. One thing is for sure, we are not holding bottles or places in line for individuals, so don’t bother asking. We should have 480 750s available for sale.