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Canned Surly

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Yo. We are now canning our beer. That means you can go to a liquor store, give them your money, and take home some Surly Beer. I love it when a plan comes together.

No, we are not kidding. We’re taking the beer you love so much and putting it into a can. Seriously, our beer is in a can. It’s a big can. 16 ounces. There’s a whole lotta Surly in that can.



South Metro is Surly

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Could there be a more Surly location than the Buffalo Wild Wings in Savage. That’s pretty damn surly. Maybe we should name a beer Savage. Oh yeah, they are pouring Bender.

In addition, the Old Chicago in Eagan is pouring Coffee Bender right now! Hurry, it will not last.

ABR Round Up, Darkness, Bottling & Tours and Thanks

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Autumn Brew Review is now in the rear view mirror. Wow.
The lines were huge all day, the weather was great and we ran out of beer. Not one beer, but all 8 beers that we brought.
Surly Nation represented by drinking us out of beer and showing their presence at the fest. We sold so much Surly gear that I had to run back to the brewery at 3:00 to get more shirts and hats. Check out the photos from ABR on the Surly Photos page.

Darkness, our new Russian Imeprial Stout seemed to go over well, very well. You will be seeing it at the best beer drinking establishments around the city in the next few weeks. Todd and I will be deciding this week if we are ready to keg the 12 barrels that we have.

One question we got often this weekend was “when are you going to start bottling?” The answer to that is no time soon. Not this year. Not next year. Sorry folks. OK. Lets put the whole bottling thing to rest.

The other question we got all weekend was “when is the next tour?” We will let you know as soon as we can figure out the date. Check back on the web-site. In addition, we will send out an email as soon as we decide on the day. As usual, we are trying to put together something unique for Surly Nation.

One more thing. Todd and Sarah did a great job last week of getting everything together for the fest and keeping the brewery running. Todd welded the new tap box we had for ABR. Make sure to thank them when you see them for keeping the beer flowing.

Some of the new bars/restaurants we are at:
Leaning Tower of Pizza – Uptown
Cedar Inn – 4155 Cedar Ave S
Great Waters Brewpub
Edina Grill
J. Cousineaus
Groveland Tap
Buffalo Wild Wings – Savage
331 Club

ABR – Check it out

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

Some news on what we are planning on bringing to
Autumn Brew Review this Saturday, October 7th. We’re bustin out all the brews. If this makes you thirsty, buy a ticket, they’re still available. Fest hours are 1:00-6:00pm at Peavy Plaza in Minneapolis.

Cask Furious
Cask Bender
Coffee Bender
Darkness – Surly’s newest. A Russian Imperial Stout
Bourbon Bender – Our first brew aged 10 months in a bourbon barrel