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Coffee Bender, Cask Furious, and SurlyFest!

Friday, August 18th, 2006

Coffee Bender makes a limited apperance in the Twin Cities at Acadia Cafe. Hurry on over and grab a glass, they have a limited supply and it won’t reappear for awhile.

Surly will be screening Beerfest the movie at the New Hope Cinema Grill on August 30th. Being a Surly event, not only will we be watching the movie, there will also be drinking. We will be releasing the first keg of SurlyFest that night! Go to the calander page for the latest specials.

The next night, August 31st, stop by the Bryant Lake Bowl at 7:30 for a glass of Surly cask beer! Furious on cask, what could be better?

Sorry about canceling Surlyfest, things have gotten too crazy around the brewery and we just ran out of time. We will make it up to you all by continung to make great beer.

Yet again, there is more news…

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

If you are in Uptown, get Surly at the Uptown Bar & Cafe. We will be having a Surly get together at the Uptown in a few weeks, and what better way to show your Uptown pride than show off your glasses. Whoever brings a photo of the most Uptown glassware in their own home collection will get a Surly shirt and maybe some other free stuff. Details to follow.

FYI, we are no longer poured at Town Hall Brewery. They put us on while they were a little short on beer. Thanks to Town Hall and all the drinkers out there.

If you are at the Taste of the Midwest August 12th, stop by and say hi. We’ll be happy to fill your glass.

Our next tour will be August 26th from noon to 3pm. Come on by for free beer. We finally got our cask beer equipment back from Boston, so we should have some Tea-Bagged Furious or other tasty cask beer on tap.