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They GET SURLY up North

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

More join Surly Nation every day. Our beer is making its way on I35 up to Lake Superior. Grab a cold Surly beer at Sir Ben’s in Duluth and Gunflint Tavern in Grand Marais. Check back for more North Shore news soon!

Boston gets Surly

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

We were lucky enough to get invited to the American Beer Festival in Boston. What better place to bring our beers to? The people of Boston can get pretty damm Surly, especially when we were there to remind them that our Twins just swept their beloved Red Sox! The good people of Boston loved our beers and we wanted to give a thanks to a number of people that really helped us out: Todd & Jason, Matt, Nate, Seth, Liz and all the folks at Harpoon and the great Beer Advocate volunteers. Great show. We hope to be back next year for all our new fans in Boston.

Oh yeah Bostonians, you said you want our beer, here you go. Our beer is now being poured at the Linwood Grill in Boston! The beer will be gone soon, but check it out soon if you want some of Surly’s beers.

One more thing, next Tour Date is June 30th. Check the Tours page for details.

New Surly

Saturday, June 10th, 2006

We have added some new bar & restaurants to Surly Nation. Now go out there and drink so they know they made the right decision!

Washington Square Bar & Grill – Bender
Sea Salt – located at the Minnehaha Falls Pavillion – Cynic & Furious
Jimmy’s Food & Cocktails (ironically, located in the old Sherlock Holmes Brewpub) – Furious
Thistles – Bender
Pizza Luce Downtown – Furious
Mad Jack’s – Furious
Rockwoods – Otsego, MN
Pizza Luce Seward – Furious

Also New – Check out the “Place to get Surly” Button in the upper corner of the Home Page. We have added Google Maps to let folks know where they can GET SURLY.

Also cool – I did an podcast interview with Garrick Van Buren. Here is a link to his site, First Crack. Listen to Omar ramble on about beer.

We have a couple dinner events coming up.
June 26th
Brewery tour followed by dinner at Rix Bar & Grill
Call for details and reservations – 612.588.2228

July 12th
Beer & Cheese Tasting at The Craftsman Restaurant
Call The Craftsman at 612-722-0175 to reserve. After the tasting, stay for dinner and drink Surly with some great food!

The latest SURLY

Sunday, June 4th, 2006

We had another great beer festival at the City Pages Beer Festival this weekend. It was great to meet lots of fans that have been drinking our beer since the beginning. Some drinkers we have seen at 2 or 3 beer festivals already. It was also great to meet lots of folks that were surprised to find out about a new brewery in the Cities. Even better to find out that they loved our beer!

Another tour happens this coming Friday, June 9th. See the TOURS page for details.

CynicAle had a great debut at The Happy Gnome – lots of drinkers happy with the new brew. You can find CynicAle on tap at The Happy Gnome, Mackenzies Pub, Cafe Twenty-Eight, Champps – Maple Grove and The Craftsman Restaurant. More bars should be pouring the beer soon.

There is presently one keg of Coffee Bender that is being poured – Cafe Twenty-Eight in Linden Hills. They are currently pouring all of Surly’s beers.