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CynicAle Arrives

Saturday, May 27th, 2006

Surly’s latest brew, CynicAle, will be realeased this coming Thursday (June 1st) at The Happy Gnome. Seemed like a good time, as they are celebrating the opening of their new patio and we have a great beer to go with it. See you there!

Drinker’s Info

Friday, May 19th, 2006

Hey! We’re providing beer to Art-A-Whirl on Saturdaty, May 21. It’ll be from noon-7 at Lisa Ellis Studio, located at Broadway and Lowry . And guess what? I forgot to post that until now. So be sure to keep checking the Calendar page on the Surly site; that’s where you can always find the most updated info. For example, we’ll be providing beer when The Happy Gnome celebrates their porch opening on June 1.

Who knew Surly Nation was so big?

Sunday, May 14th, 2006

We just had our open house and I am exhausted. After working non-stop for the last couple weeks, we somehow managed to get everything finished just in time. The merchandise came in right before the doors opened. We even had early arriving tour goers� helping fold shirts. Becca finished painting the sign out front just in time. Todd completed our bar at about 3:15 on Friday afternoon. Todd’s skills and vision have been a huge part of Surly Brewing Company.

The beer flowed, lots of tours were taken, and I was amazed that almost 1000 people stopped by to check out our brewery. Friends helped out all weekend pouring beer, selling swag, washing glasses, and keeping things going. Thanks to: Jason and Heather for coming in from out of town to help. Vince and Paige for lots of help writing and advising. JJ and Christina for answering lots of frantic calls for legal advice. And Jacob for all his help with this great web-site. A note of thanks to Sarah, Surly�s newest employee.

Nick and Dorit Ansari have helped out immeasurably; the brewery would not have happened without them. They have helped most by providing the inspiration that one can follow their dreams if they work hard enough. Thanks Mom & Dad for everything.

One last shout out to my wife Becca, she has been supportive in so many ways. Not many women would be alright with their husbands delivering beer on Mothers Day.

This post has morphed from a quick thanks to beer lovers to a cathartic closing of the first chapter for Surly Brewing Company. The last 2 1/2 years have seen the germination of an idea into the reality of Minnesota’s newest brewery. It will be fun to see what’s gonna happen next. Keep drinking our beers, and we will keep doing our best!



Monday, May 8th, 2006

Everybody listen – tour info one last time.
Friday 4-8
Saturday 12-4
You do not need a reservation.
Samples will be provided , if you are planning on getting drunk, you’re gonna have to go and buy some more Surly at a bar.
Sorry we can not sell you any growlers – maybe we can convince the city council!
Click on the TOURS button to your left for more info and directions.

Best of the Fest Award

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

Arborfest 2006 – Best of the Fest Award
The crowd at Arborfest 2006 has spoken and voted this their favorite:
Surly Furious

Thanks to all that voted for our beer.

Minnesota’s most recent award winning brewery.

The Surly Word

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

Wednesday night, May 3rd, Todd and Omar will be at Mackenzie’s Pub, downtown Minneapolis 7:30-9:30. Furious and Bender will be on tap. Free pint glasses to early drinkers.

Thursday night we will be pouring beer at Arborfest, at Macalester College. Check out to purchase tickets for this beer festival for charity.

And best of all, stop by and see Minnesota�s newest brewery! Friday, May 12th we will kick off our open house, 4:00 � 8:00pm. If you are stuck at work, come by May 13, noon � 4:00. You can tour the brewery, meet some Surly folk, drink some free beer, and see where all the magic happens. We will have specialty beers on cask that will be available at certain times throughout the open house. When we run out, we run out. Reservations are not needed.